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Residential Real Estate

Lauren understands the emotional significance and financial impact purchasing or selling your home can have on your life.  Lauren’s goal is to guide you through the complexities of the closing process and minimize the inherent risks involved.  You will have an efficient and responsive attorney that will effectively protect your interests and be your advocate every step of the way.  After all, the closing process should be as seamless as possible and an exciting experience that you enjoy.

Real Estate Home Sellers

When you are ready to place your single-family home, townhouse, or condominium on the market, Lauren will be responsive and detailed when handling every aspect of the process including:

  • Review seller’s brokerage listing

  • Review, negotiate, and modify the purchase and sale agreement

  • Assistance with inspection issues

  • Obtain title commitment and survey

  • Prepare deed, bill of sale, and other closing documents

  • Representation at closing

Real Estate Home Purchasers

As soon as you have found your perfect new home, Lauren will be involved and detailed oriented as soon as you are ready to make your first offer.   You can expect Lauren to provide:

  • Review, negotiate, and modify the purchase and sale agreement

  • Assistance with inspection issues

  • Review title commitment

  • Review closing documents

  • Assist with securing home financing

  • Representation at closing

For Sale BY Owners (FSBO)

There are certain situations where home owners prefer not to hire a real estate broker to sell their home.  Whether you are selling your home to a friend or relative, already have a buyer, or want to avoid paying commission to a broker, you still need an experienced real estate attorney to make certain that all of the necessary documents are prepared and that each and every legal requirement is met.  Lauren will effectively represent you during the entire process to make sure that your home sale is a success.

Residential Leases

If you would like to rent your home or are prepared to lease a property, Lauren will draft, review, and modify your lease making sure that landlords and tenants alike understand their specific responsibilities and to ensure that all necessary documentation is established for lease agreements, subleases, and month to month leases.  

Ls Law

Landlord/Tenant Leases and

Dispute Resolution


Lauren represents commercial landlords and business or healthcare tenants of retail, office, industrial, and

mixed-use buildings in a broad range of leasing matters.  Lauren will meticulously draft and analyze leases to meet the goals and objectives of each client and should a dispute arise, she will aggressively advocate for her client to reach a resolution.

Commercial Leases

Both commercial landlords and tenants must have well drafted leases that meet their needs.  Lauren listens to her clients’ business goals and creates commercial leases that protect her clients’ interests and negotiates to secure lease terms that are favorable to her client and essential to their business.  Lauren counsels her commercial landlords and tenants on the following issues:

  • Lease drafting and negotiations

  • Lease interpretation and analyzation

  • Exercising options

  • Amendments to leases

  • Lease renewals

  • Non payment

  • Early Termination

Landlord Tenant Disputes

In the course of conducting business it is an unfortunate reality that a dispute may arise between a landlord and tenant.  Whether the dispute is over an unpaid bill, common area maintenance charges, clarifying the repair obligations of either party, or any other issue, it is essential to have an experienced attorney like Lauren who will effectively represent her clients’ interests and obtain the most favorable outcome as possible. 

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Wills and Estate Planning


You work hard every day to build your assets and grow financially to care for yourself and your family.  You also know the importance of protecting and maintaining those assets.  A well-designed estate plan will assure you that your hard-earned assets will be distributed as you intend and allow you to plan for your own future needs.  Most importantly, you can make life as secure as possible for your loved ones in the future.  It’s never too early to start planning and with Lauren’s guidance, you can take control over your future now. 

Prioritizing Your Estate Planning Goals

Lauren understands that your estate planning objectives are as unique as you and your family. After reviewing your circumstances and listening to your objectives, she can advise you on various estate planning tools to accomplish your goals and offers these estate and future life planning services:

  • Wills

  • Revocable trusts

  • Irrevocable trusts

  • Power of attorney for property

  • Healthcare power of attorney

  • Appointment of agent to control remains

  • Certification of trust

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